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The challenges of integrating Mac OS X 10.7 in your Windows Domain


The company I work at has been undergoing some major restructuring recently, ending up in downsizing from 16 people to 6. With this came the challenge of restructuring the pure Windows 2003 network. Preferably in to something more economically viable but still with the ability to scale up to a bigger amount of users.

So the Microsoft PPTP vpn server turned into an OpenVPN Access Server, which came with the added benefit of providing pre-login persistent connections. Exchange turned into the Open Source version of Zimbra and the Windows 2003 file server turned into a Synology NAS. Why am I even going over this? Just to sketch the hybrid Linux/Windows network that is currently in place and how it ended up being extremely beneficial for us in the end.

Enter the MacBook

A few days ago I was given a MacBook Pro to play around with. Partly because of the fact that my boss is a big Apple fan, partly because of the influx of iPhones and iPads in the company recently. While my first plan was to bootcamp Windows 7 as soon as possible, Mac OS X ended up being way too convincing in nature to give up on. One thing led to another and after a few days of digging through Apple’s horrible, horrible enterprise documentation combined with tons of trial and error I finally ended up getting it to synchronize my Windows network profile properly.

Over the next few days I’ll document that process on this blog, hoping it will do some good for all the people trying to figure this out on their own without too much of Apple’s assistance.